How do you get rid of an addiction and go about getting your life back?

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Addiction can be crippling to not only the person suffering, but also to those who love them. It can be difficult to rise about and start getting your life back. Addiction comes in many forms and doesn't necessarily have to involve a substance. While substance abuse is one of the largest addictions there are also gambling, sex, and even shopping. Each addiction can be all consuming to the person who has it and very detrimental to their health and their quality of life. The desire to do something can be so all encompassing that the person will do anything to get their fix. So how does one overcome something so powerful when it controls everything they do?The road to recovery is full of a lot of bumps and hardships. It is going to take a lot of will power, the desire to change, and a strong support system. If you are a person with an addiction and aren't thinking about getting your life back together then it can be a loss cause. It is going to be nearly impossible for someone to encourage an addict to quit when they don't think there's a problem. That's why it has to come from the person with the addiction, they have to know they need help.

Sometimes an intervention can help them realize this and sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to realize the problem has gotten out of control. Rock bottom can be an overdose for a drug addict or bankruptcy for a gambling addict. This type of bottom can also include losing their relationships, friends, and sometimes custody of their children. Addiction is a disease and it becomes worse over time making it difficult to treat. If someone is so far gone they need treatment then they will have to go somewhere with doctors and people who know how to handle recovery. Their body is going to be angry that it can't have the drug and will go through some pretty terrible symptoms to show its displeasure. Once the detox process is complete then the people at the rehab can work on the problem that caused the addiction in the first place. For those who aren't addicted to a substance, they can still experience withdraws and it can be just as difficult for them to make it through the first few days of treatment.

Once they make that decision, they will need to be strong and that's hard. This is where a strong support system is crucial. Family and friends should be there to believe in their journey to get better. If they enter treatment or stop on their own they are going to struggle everyday. Sometimes just having someone to talk to can be the difference between staying put or giving into a craving. Bit by bit an addict can come back from anything and live a normal life. It pays to have people in your life who don't give up on you even when you are at your worst.

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