How can I have a pain free drug withdrawal?

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Is it possible to have a pain free drug withdrawal? Probably not, but you can get pretty close! Nowadays many people have no time to get professional help from a doctor to have a pain free drug withdrawal experience. Many of us know that the internet can give us an abundance of knowledge if we just look hard and do our own research.

Doctors only know what they are taught. Many have no idea what it means to truly withdrawal from drugs. They think willpower alone is enough and that is not even close to the truth. We need support. We need advice. We need so much more then what the world tells us. Forget about all of the overwhelming messages all around. Rebuke the thoughts that you cannot have a pain free drug withdrawal without a doctor, rehab, or detox center.

First of all, start slow. Don't try to do everything all at once. If you are trying to be perfect overnight, forget it. You will end up giving up on yourself. If you do give up though, get back up again. Nothing beats a try but a failure, and nothing beats a failure but a try! Start by weaning yourself off little by little. Ask for help from your loved ones and be honest with them about what you are doing. Tell them that during this time in your life you need support. You may even need help with every day small things so you can focus on you! Be honest! You will be surprised at how many people will want to help you.

Join a recovery group such as NA or AA or Celebrate Recovery. If you cannot find a group where you live, try prayer and/or reading spiritual books. Exercise and take herbs to cleanse your body of the toxins that have been building up. The liver is our major cleansing organ and if we don't cleanse ourselves from the toxins of the drugs and the other chemicals around us everyday, then those chemicals will stay in your system, and you will find it much harder to stay clean. Dandelion, Artichoke, and Rhodiola are 3 I would advise to start with. They are inexpensive and if you take as directed they will make you stronger.

You should also include some type of exercise and/or creative activity. Exercise not only keeps down stress, but it helps us to sleep better, lose weight, and/or gain muscle. We also need plenty of sleep! Get enough of it when withdrawing. Lack of sleep is a major cause of many mental illnesses. Relax your mind throughout the day. Don't think too much and meditate often. Use your creative abilities in some way. Painting, drawing, playing an instrument, or writing can keep your mind off of yourself, and you may even "forget" your pains and struggles from withdrawing for a while. Get involved in your community through volunteering as well if you can.

You will find that loving others and keeping your mind off of yourself will help you stay clean and you may even find out what you were truly created for! This can help you to stay clean permanently because you will feel fulfilled and have more self-esteem than ever before.

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