What is addictive personality disorder

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There are many cases of people who suffer and live with an Addictive Personality Disorder. Having an addictive personality means that a person is born with a certain set of personality traits that will cause the individual to be susceptible to acquiring addictions.

People dealing with an addictive personality are not only prone to becoming substance abusers, but are highly at risk of becoming addicted to several things, such as: gambling, food, work, reading, pornography, sweets, television, video games, overeating, hoarding, as well as codependency and cross addiction. Addictive Personality Disorder truly is a thing and has been for some time. Researchers trying to better understand the chemistry of addiction have paved the way for scientists to grasp a better understanding of addictive personalities. It is not simply the genetic makeup of a person which causes an addictive personality. A huge weighing factor that contributes to Addictive Personality is a person's environment and the stresses within the environment . Experiencing some sort of trauma, especially severe stress during childhood, seems to cause individuals to be more prone to addictions. Some examples are physical or sexual abuse, the behavior of the parents or whomever the child is raised with, the loss of a loved one or a loved animal.

Neurotransmitters (chemical substances that transmit nerve impulses) are another factor they consider to contribute to addictive personality. Individuals will take part in activities that will give them a dopamine high which becomes addictive due to some form of abnormalities in their current dopamine levels. People who typically suffer from having an Addictive Personality are what some consider to be sensation/thrill seekers. People who are experiencing this disorder tend to act on impulse and have a hard time dealing with delayed gratification. Many will isolate themselves in order to hide the issue, feeling that they are not normal like the rest of society. They have a hard time dealing with stress especially if it's involving emotions. The tendency to become depressed and anxious occurs causing possible mood swings. One coping mechanism people with an addictive personality use to deal with their conflicting personality becomes their addiction, and in turn their addiction acts as something they can control. This leads to what I call jumping of addictions. The addiction is not always the same it changes, sometimes continually, in order to keep that control.

Many people who have Addictive Personality don't realize that's what they're dealing with. There is treatment and help for those who struggle with this disorder. They are not alone. A common form of treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, along with other behavioral approaches. So if you think you know somebody who may be suffering with Addictive Personality there is hope and there is help. Spread the awareness where you can and help save someone who may be suffering because there is always a way, and always someone who cares.

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